29.1ft² Large Wooden Outdoor Cat House -150158-01

$499.99 $449.99

【Spacious Activity Area】29.1ft² outdoor cat enclosure offers a large space and is perfect for multiple cats to play or lounge and relax in. Provide your cats space to roam around in the outdoors where they can hear the noises of nature and the world outside, using the spacious interior of this large outside cat house.
【Multifunctional Cat House】Our cat house enclosure isn't just a large empty space, it also comes equipped with several features designed to keep your cats entertained and happy. Thereis 1 bridge that satisfy your cat's instinct to jump and climb, 2 sleeping houses where they can rest and nap in the sun, and 4 cat walks that allow them to jump from left to right. The resting rooms provide a cozy place for your cats to relax, while the cat walks encourage them to be active and playful.
【Walk-in Style Catios】In addition to these fun features, the enclosure is also designed with your convenience in mind. The fully open enter door at 60" tall allows The wire mesh provides transparent full sight around the cat for its curiosity and observer nature.
【Two Small Doors】 Two lift small cat doors make it easy for them to enter and exit the enclosure. You can even connect it to a pet gate or cat tunnel, so you never have to worry about your precious cat getting lost.
【Safety & Security】The large cat enclosure is designed with your cats' safety in mind. The galvanized wire mesh has a 1/2"x1/2" wire opening to prevent your cats from escaping, and the sliding bolt locks on the doors ensure that they stay secure. Additionally, the removable waterproof roof cover keeps your kitty safe from wind and rain, so you can rest easy knowing that your cats are protected from the elements.

Our 29.1ft² outdoor cat enclosure is a fantastic investment for any cat owner who wants to provide their furry friends with a safe and enjoyable outdoor space. With its spacious design, fun features, and convenient access, it's sure to be your cats' new favorite spot in no time.
Material: Fir
Overall Size: 4.69'(L) X 6.2'(W) X 6.2'(H)
Size of the door for people 22"" X 59""
Size of the door for cats 10.2"" X 13.8""
Size of cloth 61.4"" X 100.8""

1 x Outdoor Cat House
1 x Manual"

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