Power Lift Microfiber Electric Massage Recliner Chair - White

MASSAGE HEATING AND REMOTE CONTROL: This chair has 4 massage areas (tibia, thigh, waist, head) and 5 modes (pulse, compression, wave, automatic, normal).
UL-APPROVED SILENT LIFT MOTOR: With our powerful silent lift motor, our chair lift can push up the entire chair to help the elderly stand up easily without increasing the pressure on the back or knees. With the design of the right arm control button, our recliner can be tilted to 140 degrees, and the footrest and backrest can be extended or retracted at the same time. You can smoothly adjust to a custom position, and stop lifting or tilting wherever you want.
ADJUSTABLE BACKREST ANGLE: The backrest can freely adjust the angle of the backrest and the front pedal, and the massage chair can be tilted. This can meet your different needs at home. You can read books, watch TV, sleep, etc.
HIGH-QUALITY SELECTION OF MATERIALS: The electric heating massage lift chair uses environmentally friendly wood with a high production cost. All wood boards used do not contain formaldehyde, and we are committed to protecting the health of the elderly who choose electric lift chairs. Lining padding, backrest and cushion padding will bring you a more comfortable feeling, just like the whole body is wrapped in a chair. The treated fabric surface will bring a warm and soft touch, and has a certain anti-pilling and anti-pilling effect.
SIDE POCKETS AND TRIPOD: An additional USB charging port allows you to charge the device while sitting or lying down. With the best comfort function, it is very suitable for reading, sleeping or nap. (Note: The USB port is only suitable for low-power devices, such as phones, iPads or headsets.)

The lifting mechanism pushes up the chair to help the elderly stand up easily
The Lift&Recline control panel on the right armrest integrates a USB charging function, which is easy to operate (the lifting controller is not on the remote control, but on the right armrest).
The retractable footrest and push-back backrest can meet different rest requirements at the same time (maximum tilting 140 degrees)
5 vibration massage modes, level 2 vibration intensity, 8 points (4 areas: legs, tightness, waist, back) massage system with remote control
Ergonomic and careful care of your head, arms, back and legs, upholstered cushions and backrest provide extra comfort
2 side pockets for easy storage and avoid wire entanglement
Rugged and durable structure, bearing weight: 300 pounds
Only complete instructions and user manuals are needed for easy assembly

Color: White
Surface material: fabric
Seat size: 34.6 inches (length) x 29.5 inches (width)
Horizontal size: 60 inches (length) x 34.6 inches (width)
Seat size: 22.5" (W) x 20.5" (D)
Back size: 34.6 inches (width) x 25.6 inches (height)
Seat height: 19"

1. Please consult your doctor before using this product. People with pacemakers should not use this product. If the muscles or joints are painful after prolonged use, please stop using and consult a doctor.
2. The product will be delivered in two packages A and B.

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