Small Animals Cage Reptile Tank Tortoise Habitat Enclosure House-150215

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  • 🐢【WOOD & TEMPERED GLASS】This small animal cage is made of P2 grade PB and tempered glass. The sturdy and environmentally friendly wood provides a sense of security for animals. The large piece of glass in the middle makes it easy for you to observe and showcase them.
  • 🕷【PERFECT FOR REPTILE】This adorable reptile tank is not only a piece of artistic furniture but also suitable as a habitat for various small animals, such as turtles, lizards, geckos, snakes, spiders, mantises, and more. You can place it anywhere convenient for observing them, such as the living room, bedroom, study, etc.
  • 🐍【DETAIL DESIGN】The turtle enclosure features ventilation openings on both sides to facilitate the circulation of fresh air. The top and side panels are made of fine mesh that allows ventilation while also penetrating ultraviolet and infrared rays.Equipped with double sliding doors, it is easy for you to feed your pets and prevent escapes, while also saving space. The inner bottom has a blocking strip for easy DIY sand bedding for your small animals' living environment.
  • 🦂【LARGE CAPACITY】Our reptile enclosure has an overall size of 47.2" X 19.7" X 27.6" and an interior size of 45.3" X 15.1" X 22.8". The spacious area is suitable for keeping multiple reptiles and provides a broader space for their activities.
  • 🦎【EASY ASSEMBLY】Detailed instruction and accessories are all included in the packages. All pieces are clearly labeled, it would be easy and quick to assemble. You are always welcomed to contact us for any problems.

Why Choose DAWNSPACES Small Animal Enclosure?

Modern, Sturdy, Practical
  • This is a great place for many small animals to rest. Safe, sturdy and non-toxic.
  • High quality and stylish. Every part is carefully designed and has a long service life.
  • Suitable for most small reptiles. You can DIY interior decoration according to your own needs to create a unique home for your little animals


The rockery and other decorations in the picture are not included.


  • Material: P2 PB Wood and Tempered Glass
  • Overall Dimensions: 47.2" X 19.7" X 27.6"
  • Single Room Internal Dimensions: 45.3" X 15.1" X 22.8"

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