Large Cat Litter Box Enclosure Furniture LED Light-180184

$299.99 $279.99
  • 😽【MULTIFUNCTIONAL】 The large cat litter box furniture can accommodate 1-2 cat litter boxes, isolating odors and avoid interruption by dogs. In addition, the spacious top space can serve as a resting place for cats and can also be used as a stylish piece of furniture, such as a side table or TV stand, reducing the mess caused by cat litter.
  • 😽【FUN & PRACTICAL】 Our cat litter box cabinet is designed with 2 platforms that can serve as cat condos. The cat scratchboard and stairs provide more fun for cats, promoting physical and mental health. Moreover, the specially equipped soft LED lighting allows cats to move around easily even at night.
  • 😽【HEAVY CONSTRUCTION】Our cat cabinet is made of high quality P2-grade PB, which is strong and not easy to damage, the top of the cat cabinet can bear up to 70lbs. The door is made of transparent acrylic board, not easy to break and also more lightweight.
  • 😽【EASY TO CLEAN】 The cat house is very easy to clean and doesn't require special cleaning tools. Wiping with a damp cloth can easily remove common stains. By opening the cabinet door and pulling out the large bottom drawer, you can quickly clean the cat litter, making it convenient and hygienic.
  • 😽【SMART DOOR】 Our cat cabinet can be locked from the outside, reducing interference from dogs. The smart access door in the middle has four modes: 1. Cannot go out or in, 2. Can only go out but not in, 3. Smart in but not out, 4. Can go in and out. This can perfectly meet all your needs.
  • 😽【EASY ASSEMBLY】All boards and components are numbered, making it easy for you to complete the installation. Additionally, we provide a 1-year warranty and excellent customer service. You must fall in love with this litter box furniture for large cat. Please feel confident in your purchase!

DAWNSPACES Cat Hidden Litter Box Enclosure

Just like you, every member of our company has their own little furry friends. That's why we can empathize with you and your animal companions. Safety, practicality, and aesthetics – we make every effort to ensure you and your pets can spend wonderful moments together.

  • Material: P2 Level PB
  • Color: White
  • Overall Dimensions: 63" X 23.6 X 31.5"

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Cat Litter Box Enclosure
  • 1 x Instruction
  • Please measure your litter box dimensions before buying this cat cabinet.

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